Monday, August 17, 2009

What Is a Web Host?

A web host is the main resource for website owners who are unable to configure and purchase servers. A web host allows users to create a website using the company's servers, backup procedures, and fast Internet connection. The cost is also minimal compared to a high speed server for a web presence. Several services are available to people searching for a web host.

    Domain Registration

  1. Many web hosting companies also assist in finding a domain name. Web hosting sites like provide searches to see if the domain name is available. A user can register just the domain, or register the domain with web hosting services in one place.
  2. Programming Languages

  3. When searching for a web host, it's important to find a service that provides the platform needed for the code. For instance, .NET coders need web host companies that use Internet Information Service (IIS). PHP coders use Linux based hosts with Apache installed.
  4. Database

  5. Databases are necessary for dynamic content. They are especially useful for eCommerce websites. Database services are offered by web hosts, but they are usually an additional cost. Two main databases are used online. Microsoft SQL Server is used with .NET programming. mySQL can be used with both .NET programming and PHP pages, but it normally costs much less.
  6. Email

  7. Web hosts normally offer free email service with a domain account. Depending on the type of web host, the owner receives at least one free email account. Many web host services offer several accounts for use with one domain. This gives the client the ability to have different email addresses for each business unit.
  8. Backup

  9. The benefit of a web hosting service is that they have backup service. When searching for a web host company, it's important to find a service that includes daily backups. Some hosting companies have an extra charge when disaster recovery is necessary, but the cost is minimal compared to the loss of website files and data.

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