Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Facts About Colocation Hosting

The Internet industry is booming these days. If you are planning to become a part of the World Wide Web family, you need to have a website of your own with the support of a good web hosting company for the same.

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    When we talk about managing the business faster and with safely, there is a need to incorporate a web server with different web hosting platforms and operating systems. But most of it depends on the web hosting service provider you have hired for the work. A dedicated server or colocation host will maintain privacy in storing your important data at an affordable price.

    What is Colocation Hosting?

    Colocation hosting is a data center that will provide space, bandwidth and managed service solutions to your website.

    In simple words, colocation hosting means installing, running application of data in a single process, on computer or data center. Web hosting and virtualization are the two examples of Los Angeles server colocation. Let's discover what these are:

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    Web Hosting

    In this type of colocation, the host server will give a portal to a site along with thousands of other portals present on the page.


    It is a virtual environment where all the software’s are compatible enough to run on a virtual machine.

    All in all, colocation is a flexible, cost effective and highly beneficial solution for businesses. It allows many users to locate a network, acquire storage space on a server and interconnect them with different telecommunications and networks. This on the other hand will minimize the complexities, cost and difficulties in the process.

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    There are many benefits of colocation in comparison to other dedicated servers:

    Economical and Cheaper

    Colocation is cost effective because it gives you higher bandwidth in comparison to what is provided by other servers.


    You get better protection against power failure or loss with a colocation hosting. If there is a long spell of power loss or incidents like storm and natural calamities, a back up generator will fail to provide adequate supply to keep the server working.


    If you are not working or you are on a break, the colocation hosting will keep on running.


    The store, server and work are kept in a secure environment in the colocation hosting. Moreover, you get a 24/7/365 service.

    Shifting from on-site server to colocation server is a cost saving step. The price gets reduced because you are not using your own bandwidth now. The total amount you will be paying to the colocation service provider will be lower than what you were paying to an ISP. Along with this, you get better bandwidth options if you will host the server elsewhere.

    With all these benefits and cost saving issues, most of the businesses are making the smart move by opting for colocation hosting. It is one of the best ways to get the maximum business benefits out of the Internet.

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