Monday, August 17, 2009

Creating Profitable Forex Trading Systems in Five Easy Steps

There is an old saying that is loosely translated to 'if I don’t help myself, who will?’ now while this isnt very elloquent, it does convey what i want to tell you.
No entrepreneurship, no success, no money making scheme, is done if you don’t have a hand in it. So don’t rely on what other people can do for you, just get it done for yourself.
Now while this rule applies to everything, it’s specifically useful regarding the forex market (foreign exchange). The forex is the biggest, most liquid market on the planet. Basically it trades currencies and is estimated that over 2 trillion dollars pass hands each day. Just to give you perspective, the new your stock exchange (also a huge endeavor), 'only' processes about 50 billion dollars a day. Get the picture?
I bet I can guess your thoughts right about now. Well, maybe not the actual thought so much as the sentiment. You want some. 2 trillion is too much to be ignored and any person with a sturdy head on their shoulders would want a piece of the action. But in order to do that, you need to know at least the minimum for forex trading.
We understand that you can’t know or operate everything; you will need porters, or advisers or just plain friends to call when you’re in a bind, but don’t you want to be the one to make the call about whets best for you? The only way you can do that is if you learn, so make sure you understand whets going on before you take even a step into the world of forex trading.
How do you start trading Forex?
Now you need to find a forex system that will help you along with your trading. You need to find the right system for you, so don’t ever tire of looking. You can find trading systems all over the market (the internet really) and they could and will help you make hundreds, if not thousands of times over any dime you pay up front.
You might think it’s difficult to get your trading system personalized or up and running in general, even if it’s standard. You might even find it hard to make a choice, but all it ever comes down to is knowledge, and that is what we are here for.
You can find the trading system for you if you just take into account 5 different pointers (that’s it, five!!) but before we get there, there are three things you have to know. So lets start there, and then we can move on to the pointers.
The first things you have to know is don’t fall into the gadget trap.
Just because it’s shiny doesn’t mean you need it. It’s actually, almost on the contrary. The simpler the system the better it will probably be for your forex needs, so stay away from the forex trading/cappuccino making/ironing/phone/camera combo. Stick to the basics and you will be fine. Another thing that should be obvious to you is that you, as your trading system, should be in the business of cutting losses and running with any profit possible.
You need a system that can identify possible profits and (ideally) instantly cut losses. This could save you a great deal of money, so don’t turn on your computer before you’re convinced that this is what your system does. The last of the three things you should know is that you need a system that can recognize long term trends. if your computer is only analyzing days when deciding to sell or buy, then you will never get more then pennies to your dollar, and that just isn’t enough when there are two trillion to be had.
Now lets get to the five must knows when it comes to getting started with the forex market. First of all, your trading system should be simple (for conviction read above). You need an extensive investment management system, but only some essential general rules. Anything more will only confuse your computer and will long term hurt your profit potential.
Secondly, don’t be happy with short term trends; go for the longer weekly based trends so that your profits will really be impressive. If you analyze what happens to the market on daily/hourly charts then it can really understand the market, and only then will you be happy you left your day job.
The third is that the best way to trade in foreign currencies is the breakout method, so ask around, find from peers and experts, and learn all about this method before you get started.
The forth thing that I want to enlighten you with today is that you need to develop a timing tool for your market entrances and exits. Watch for breaks in the market and have them sketched on your chart so that you can see what is going on in the market.
And my last parting words of wisdom? The fifth is that you should have time management become an important part of your chosen system. you need your time to yield the best results, because two trillion isn’t when you want it, its once a day, and days come and go as they please, not at your request.
So get started, there is no doubt in my mind that if you stick to what you have read here then you will be that much closer to becoming a millionaire.

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